Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kiss Kiss Go Go: Completed

So this is a comic I made over christmas called Kiss Kiss Go Go Comic. The whole reason for it, was to capture momentum. To do something fast, and quick--with lots of action and romance. Sort of the polar opposite of Ophelia. Initially I was going to send it out to friends in a small printing as a New Years card. But as it's nearly March, and I'm much for those plans. Plus I am not sure I like it as much as Ophelia honestly. But it's still pretty fun.

Anyways. Right now the only ways to get it are going to my flickr and reading it as a set there:

Kiss Kiss Go Go Set

Just look at the images here or on my work blog.

Or if you are a .cbr fan, I have one of those files too, which I can email you, if you send me some mail at mercurialblonde at gmail dot com.

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