Monday, March 31, 2008

Hilary Clinton is a Werewolf and She Hates Polar Bears

"Anyone is a potential werewolf. Under emotional stress civilized human qualities regress to basic animal reaction, and a threshold of potential change is reached."

As a follow up to my werewolf blog from last week. This is from a ritual for werewolf transformation from that delightful young boy Anton LaVey . You can read the rest here.

Speaking of shape-shifting mythological beasts though, the democratic presidential nomination process trudges on.

The big call right now is for Clinton to drop out, since it is clear that she has no democratic way of winning the nomination. Her only options at this point involve boiling oil and a castle siege. But credit to Obama. Who rightly says:

"My attitude is that Sen. Clinton can run as long as she wants," the Illinois senator said.

"She is a fierce and formidable competitor, and she obviously believes that she would make the best nominee and the best president. I think that she should be able to compete, and her supporters should be able to support her for as long as they are willing or able."

I know everything in this country has become about immediacy, and that the notion that we should allow any process to run it's course seems a cruel and antiquated notion. But there is a certain romantic charm to just this once, letting the nomination process play itself out. Obviously the worry here shouldn't be the actual process of the primary, but how that process is carried out. Right now it's becoming difficult for either candidate to remain civil. Which is dumb, because either one is going to be better than McCain and the Republican power trust. The lack of this base understanding in the democratic party makes the whole thing seem completely farcical.

I feel like I'm watching Charlie Brown try to kick the football from Lucy for the past 10 years. My advice to the candidates is to figure out and figure it out quickly. Because this whole ice cap melting thing might need to be figured out.

Forget Were-wolves, I like polar bears:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doggy Style

I found this very interesting sex blog the other day via Warren Ellis's blog. It's this little sex blog called debauchette:
"As I learned this, my respect for him expanded. There’s something fantastic about a stealthy slut, someone who secretly lays an entire university of women without bragging or broadcasting this fact. A sex ninja."
Worth sharing to be sure. I'm in love with reading it.

The other item for today is Otherkin. Otherkin as defined by wiki are:

"A term for a group of people who consider themselves non-human or having a connection to a mythical archetype in some way, usually believing to be mythological or legendary creatures. Common creatures to which Otherkin claim some connection include angels, demons, dragons, elves, fairies, lycanthropes, and extra-terrestrials.[1] The otherkin community grew out of the elven online community of the early-to-mid-1990s, with the earliest recorded use of the term otherkin appearing in early 1996.[2] Outside of their own subculture, otherkin beliefs are often met with disbelief.[3]"
What I like about Otherkin is that they are the perfect litmus test for just how malleable people really are in terms of identity. While for some people the whole notion of a man having a baby completely splits in two their reality. For other's they can say they accept or tolerate gender blurring or crossing. Some even can understand it. But when you get to the topic of Otherkin, you pretty much lose everybody. The notion that people could identify as being of non-human ancestry, or being of some sort of cross mythological beast ancestry is usually just a step to far.
But it shouldn't be. There is a healthy cultural history of human-animal shape changing. We have the Native American Skin-Walkers which were Shamans who were believed to be able to change into animals. We also have the vârcolac in Romanian folklore which were also shape-shifting shamans. We have Norse Berzerker warriors who used bear and wolf skins to help in their trances to become nearly invincible crazed warriors.

So what I'm saying is that we have a culture of this throughout our world history. We have an extremely large history of people identifying with or as Otherkin. And yet here in 2008, we have the gall, while printing our dollar bills dripping in "In God We Trust", to just invalidate the vast bulk of human history, just so we can be bigoted arseholes.

What a lot of the skeptical idiorati don't fully grasp is that if you're confronted with an otherkin, it doesn't really matter whether you think they are actually part animal, or if you think they are full crap, because they are still going to be in tap with some level of psychology that puts them outside of your experience, and if you're not prepared for that you LOSE....THE...GAME.

Plus it's a mind hack that's worth learning. You never know when you're going to need to be werewolf strong. Perhaps when Homeland Security beats down the door to you love-in commune and you don't have any hi-tech iPod guns to make them go away with. Maybe then you'll appreciate a good berserker rage from a few of your house mates. I know I would.

Or at the very least you could just touch a few places in your brain that haven't been touched in a few hundred years probably. Might be fun. Why not?

Otherkin dot Com
Otherkin dot Net

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green Mysticism and Other Carnie Magic Tactics

This is building upon the whole notion I talked about earlier in the week as far as corporate images(sigils) and how they affect us beyond our conscious knowledge. What this picture is of, is a Växtväggen in Sweden. Which as reported by the blog core77 is: "a self-supporting system composed of a reinforced, multi-layered, synthetic and absorbent felt-surface on which plants are applied into small pockets."

It got me to thinking. Aside from the environmental impacts of putting things of this vein all over our cities, how would this effect that subconscious that's being shaped already by billboards, towers of concrete, and other elements of city design.

I mean, it's really quite astounding how much we underrate the environments we live in in terms of their abilities to shape and oppress thought. Consider how much effort and artistic blood and sweat goes into the planning and building of these structures. They are for all intents and purposes works of art. And we live in between them. It's like if you lived between a Picasso and a Van Gogh you're whole life, you know that would influence what kind of thoughts you came up with and how you evaluated the reality around you. This is analogous to our lives in cities beneath these towering pieces of art.

And then when you consider that much of the planning and building of these sorts of structures are handled by oftentimes clandestine city clubs, you're really looking dead at one of the most powerful methods of control those who want to shape the world have come up with.

So where does the plant wall come into this? Well it should be pretty obvious, but one of the methods in which we can manipulate these structures that have been forced upon us, is to simply write back over the top of them. Let the vines grow over those strange gothic designs. Cover those towering phallic symbols into giant trees. Besides sucking up Co2, we can effectively take the city out of our cities. We can reverse the city virus from within.

We can write on their logos and grow plants down their faces. We can install our own realities in front of their realities and effectively divert the massive comet headed our way, juuust enough so that we may latch onto it's energy and surf into cosmos unknown.

Become exterior designers. Become landscaping carnie magicians. Work in accounting for 8 hours and then step out into a forest of green mysticism. See how long you continue to think in the linear terms of the faux-modern.

Have at it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So I was perusing the politics section to see what the latest calamity to befall one of the candidates would be. Incidentally, why not have embedded reporters in the campaigns with grainy digital videos following them around at all hours. I'm sure you could fill an hour of TV with just the raw footage. Or better yet, get the people who are doing the Hills to do the Presidential candidates. Why not? These people have no dignity left anyways.

AT ANY RATE. So I'm doing that. And then on the side they have their poll going. The above poll. Which as you might note has nothing to do with anything beyond freaking me out. I think this poll sort of captures everything that pesters me about post-post-post "journalism". I mean. OF COURSE I wouldn't eat a Honduran melon. Not NOW. I heard something about them having salmonella. Who wants that kind of badness crashing their April Fools Day celebrations? Sorry, not my kind of scene. The most danger I live with is falling asleep next to a fat Pitt Bull , named Chopper, who likes to fart on a nuclear level right in my face.

But if you want something to be legitimately afraid of:

Yes friends. That is a giant HOLE OF FIRE. I was reading about this on
Apparently it's called "The Door to Hell" and it's in Turkmenistan. It's not really a recent thing either. At least in human terms. Supposedly some geologists found this cavern full of gas, and ignited it. And it's been burning for 35 years.

If you don't think our future is in fire , you're not paying attention. This planet will smoke us out if it has to. Even Firefighters have figured out that we're not going to fight or stop fires from happening on this planet. It was foolish to ever think we would. The trick has been redirection and manipulation of the element. Firefighters as Fire Shamans.

We need to stop teaching math and traditional science in schools. And teach fire breathing, fire swallowing, sword swallowing, contortion skills, slight of hand, graft, theater--carnie skills. Those are the only skills that are going to be useful to us in four years.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now If Only Obama Could Get Pregnant

So there's a bit of a kerbabble about James Carville calling Bill Richardson a Judas.
The national level of uproar over this comment has been astounding to me. Or I guess the media driven uproar. I didn't know people still got mad over being called a Judas.

Hunter S. Thompson once called Ralph Nader "a worthless Judas Goat with no moral compass".
And amazingly the world didn't end because of it.

People want to say this democratic race has gotten nasty. It hasn't gotten nasty, it's gotten overly sensitive. Obama supporters are the worst in this regard. Because so many of them are so full of wide eyed idealism and hope, that any aspersion cast towards that is met with a weird kind of dull-eyed frothing at the mouth. 20 years ago their headquarters would have been raided by FBI tanks. Their stone refusal to believe that Obama is a politician just like anyone else, or that this is politics as usual just like anything else, is a scary thing to build a base on. If this group of people ever wake up to anything like a splash of reality the backlash could be ugly.

That said. I support Obama full heartedly. Always have. Always will. He's surely a God amongst men. I would never EVER even EVER consider not voting for him. Especially for that no good snake woman Hilary Clinton. No sirree. Not me. Kodos in 2008!


In other news. The other big thing yesterday was the story of a man who had become pregnant. I personally love this story. The gist of the story is that his wife was unable to conceive, but he could. To do this he had to really put at risk how society would perceive his gender identification. Which was obviously a huge huge deal for him. He had gone through many surgeries and dangerous hormone treatments to get where he was. And he'd have to risk all of that for he and his wife to have the kid they wanted.

They say that romance is dead. But this is probably one of the most romantic things I've ever heard. And I wonder how many men given the opportunity in a similar situation would do the same? I think more than society, in it's rigid view of gender, would like to think. For him to willingly sacrafice his basic being for the sake of he and his wife--is beautiful. And that she can still love him when he's pregnant only sweetens the cake. I want this made into a lifetime movie YESTERDAY.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Immanentize the Eschaton

Here is an interesting piece done by one of my favorite blogs about the use of corporate symbols in mind control. If you know anything about sigils, this is an ability that is out there and available to anyone. But the PR companies are the ones who are exploiting it the hardest and the best right now. I think Alan Moore said something about this in an interview, that a lot of the people who we would charge with creation of ideas--like our modern day magicians--they've been co-opted out by those who seek to exploit those talents and abilities for their own personal benefit without any respect to the advancement of the human condition.

I don't think this is something that is done intentionally, on a wholly conscious level. But I do think that when you are in position B or C in society, there are elements in place which make you do X thing. We're at a point in human history, where we have more power at our disposal than ever, but have never been so powerless to use it. The things we have sacrificed to get here, we're paying the bills of. And it's leaving strictures in places like this.

Part of this study showed how people exposed to the Apple Icon versus the IBM one, were prone to be more creative in their usage of the elements around them. Imagine if we were powering people up even more strongly in these respects, without such a hard eye to the bottom line?

And the thing is. This stuff IS doable. This is just crafting symbols and then placing them. Even if people aren't familiar with what the symbols are supposed to mean, this study indicates that they are still influenced. You say something like that, and then look around you at the iconongraphy that is puked all over our eniviroment and wonder just what the hell we've gotten ourselves into.

It reminds me tangentially(or not) of some of the stuff in Don Delillo's Mao II. In particular the bombed out Beirut with the coca-cola signs everywhere.

Forget voting. You're not changing shit with voting. The idea of voting is just some construct you are forced to buy into because of the symbology you're bombarded with on a daily basis.

You want to talk about the concept of civic duty. You're civic duty is to create newer and better symbology and spread it everywhere.

Our foot soldiers are graf writers and bloggers. Have you made a sigil today?